Bad Dog Poetry


Poetry at it's best...

Bad Dog Poetry is a YouTube channel where Bazil Riley shares his original poetry with the world.  The topics of these poems cover the gamut from issues dealing with religion and race to laughter and love. Just as with life itself, nothing is off limits.  There are poems about stray cats, roosting vultures, grizzly bears, and the plight of a homeless man, being blind, being white, being black and just being.

One underlying thing that all of these poems do have in common is that they are written from an experience, observation or an encounter that Bazil has had in his varied life.  That is to say, these are more than just right brain left brain exercises of a classroom assignment.  These poems, many of which were written over twenty years ago on scraps of paper or on his hand, were written truly en plein air- as the event unfolded in real time.  That’s the beauty of writing in the moment as opposed to jotting down an outline and then embellishing the event days later in a quieted study.  Sometimes we focus too much on the structure of the poem and not with actually documenting with good words what it was that tweaked our curiosity to begin with. 

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Happy Reading!!