Metal Art


Garden Gate

A four foot tall by four foot wide solid steel hand forged gate, adorned with hammered copper sycamore leaves.  Some gates have been built with a school of fish swimming through, lily pads and reeds, cat tails and tall blades of grass.  The frame of the gate is what gives it structure, as far as what design goes inside is endless.  That is, it's only limit is the human imagination.


Shedding Heart

After being deeply wounded by a failed marriage, the lover's heart grown a protective shell over it to protect it from any future attempts from Cupid's worldly arrows as they are are shot without much thought given to the real needs of either party.  Once true love is found, the protective shell will naturally shed away from the heart leaving it to be a fertile bed for true love,  ordained by God, to grow deep roots.


Atlantic Bill Fish

Over five feet in length and mounted to a freshwater piece of driftwood this Bill Fish is one of many such art forms  that Bazil has created. This particular piece was made from an discarded stainless steel filing cabinet the he acquired from the junk yard.  The client, a restaurateur from Baton Rogue, purchased several pieces of art for both his restaurant, as he was rebuilding after the ravages of hurricane Katrina.

Why Fish?

As an artist two of the most the most common questions that I get asked are why do I choose to work with discarded metal and secondly, why do I make so many fish?  As far as the the discarded metal goes, just down the road from my shop is a large 43 acre junk yard.  They recycle everything there from old automobiles, playground equipment to industrial building material to farm equipment and everything in between.  I've turned copper  tubing from an industrial cooling machine, mixed with other various and sundry pieces of discarded metal  into a magnificent Ballet dancer; that now finds it's home in the music parlor atop of a black Steinway baby grand piano.  But what's more than the convenience of my studio to the junk yard, is the higher purpose for why I go out of my way to shop at the junk yard rather than simply order new material and have it delivered to me.  

You see, whereas I take a piece of mild steel or copper flashing and hammer it two thousand times with a two pound ball peen hammer and end up with the shape of a rose then I have done something splendid.  I've taken some miscellaneous metal that has been regarded as having no more value or use and with heat, pressure and creativity I am allowing that metal to become the rose it was always  intended to be.