Words Matter


As a poet I find it amazing how stunning and powerful each particular word can be. When strung together in the form of a sentence the power increases exponentially.  What's even more of a wonderment is that all the words in the English language come from a simple pool of twenty-six letters. In the English language there are approximately 250,000 common words and three times as many specialized scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, botanical and other such words- all derived from the same  twenty-six letters. I happen to find that fascinating.

With that being the case, I try to learn as many new words as I can.  Afterall, words are the building blocks of the poems and stories that I create. One of the most important things that I have come to realize is that each specific word has it's own particular definition and it's own amount of power or sway that is unique to that word. With that being said, let it be understood that words are important; words count; words matter.

Words do matter.  What we say and how we say it, also matters.  Words are important.  Words are beautiful.  Words are lyrical.  Words are poetic.  Sometimes words can be hurtful; harmful; even evil. Let it be understood, then, that words are powerful.

Words can be used to express a heartfelt prayer.  Words can be used to draft documents of hate.  Words can bring peace; words can bring war.  Words can create-- Let There Be...

Sometimes words can stand on their own--stop!  Other times, words can be strung together to begin a novel-- Call me Ishmael. Words can be used to build up- you're beautiful; and words can be used to tear down- you're ugly.  I believe in you.  You can do it!

Poets, those who write or compose poetry, are people that love words.  They love how words look when arranged on paper and most importantly, they love how words sound when spoken.

Poets quite often write entire poems or just a stanza on an impulse.  They may see or hear something that triggers a stanza, line or complete poem.  Poets sometimes write on notepads, improvised scraps of paper like a receipt or paper wrapper.  Some have been known to write on their arm or the palm of their hand.

Poems are sometimes composed in a quieted study.  Sometimes the poet wakes during the night with an  immediate desire to write.  Many poems are written only in the mind; never spoken or captured with by a  pen on paper.

Some poems are meant to be read silently.  Some poems are meant to read aloud.  Some poems are meant to be sung.  While other poems are meant to be acted out.

A poem is a method of expression where the particular words being used are sometimes less important than the thought being conveyed.  Some poems are short; very short.  Other poems are epic.  Some poems are nice, and some are naughty.  But all poems are good.

Happy Reading!!



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